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What They're Saying
About "Michelle Ann Cadreau"

I like this artist’s lyrical feel.
There’s good production on t
he tracks” -  AJ Tha DJ
"The tracks are strong" - I Luv 2 Dance
"I do like the tracks" A Music Luv R

" I think she's got vocal talent. Keep going forward. You're on the right path" - DJ Austin



Hip-Hop/Rap lyricist and recording artist Michelle Cadreau (Blue Sky) has developed a writing and rapping style with both subtlety and introspection to reflect her Native Canadian Indian and Polish ancestry. With four CDs to her credit, the Hamilton, Ontario melds hypnotic and soulful beats with her trademark urban poetry to create a performance style that is equally juxtaposed and complementary.

Among her releases is the breakout number, “Precipitation,” an articulate and explicit song that boldly details a rapper giving a slam performance for fans; “Like a Killer,” uses boxing to symbolize violence; and “Hip Hop Clerk” is a commentary on making it in the music industry.

Also included is “Ineffable,” a look at fan adulation; “Give Me The Prize,” a nod to intelligence and the rewards it can provide; and “Tallest Mountain,” a heartfelt look at making your way up the hip hop ladder. Her strongest response by far from both fans and critics online has been for the song “Ghetto Survival,” which equates creating powerful rap music with persistence and success. Another tune ready to take hold online is “Bitches, Snitches, Witches and Riches,” the story of a notorious “player.”
She has secured a record deal with UK Record Label Nub Country Records. Her debut single is Bitches Snitches Witches and Riches. She has also got a publishing deal.

Cadreau is using her lyrical deftness and distinct vantage point to create music that is true to her while paying homage to the complex backstory of rap and hip hop.



1. Like
A Killer  2. In This Competition 3. Put Your Hands Up 4. Sharp As A Blade 5. Opportunity's Gate 6. Nothing But A Tease 7. Tallest Mountain 8. Dazzle 9. Flame 10. Enhancement 11. Hip Hop Clerk 12. Fiesta  13. A Town Called Crime 14. Solid As Concrete 15. Scrambled 16. Wanna Be An Emcee 17. Burnt Out 18.Articulation 19. Bitches Snitches Witches and Riches
20. Dedication 21. Dominate 22. Extreme 23. Hip Hop Sounds 24. Large Bills 25. Life's Pain 26. Musical Circus 27. On A Binge 28. Push That Button Play 29. Raising The Roof 30. Rhymes Abide 31. The Artist 32. What It's Really Worth 33. Wicked 3
4. Ghetto Survival 35. Hip Hop Speakers 36.Exponent 37. Lyrical Wand 38. Metaphorical Knowledge 39. Money To Make 40.Musical Pick 41. Rap Mate 42. Ineffable 43.The Artist 44. Push That Button Play 45.My Peeps